TOS and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

By registering an account on the site, you agree to follow the terms written below.

1. Accounts

Each user is allowed only one (1) account on Mysgardia. In the case of families in the same household and shared computers, multiple accounts from an IP are allowed. However, if we notice extensive trading of creatures, items, or money has occurred, all accounts will be closed and the IP banned. When creating an account, you agree not to use any false information.

2. Site Rating & Member Age

Mysgardia is rated PG-13, as profanity and certain adult topics are allowed on the main site and forum, and users under 13 must have parental consent to play the game. By registering an account, it is understood that you have gotten permission from your parents (if under 13 of age) to make an account on Mysgardia.

3. Inactivy

Users who have failed to login for a consecutive number of days or weeks will not have their accounts removed, and any money, creatures, and/or items will remain on the account.

4. Site Availability

The site will be available to its users on a 24/7 basis, however, availability cannot be guaranteed. Occasional maintenance tasks may cause the site to be unavailable for up to a few hours, and server outages have the possibility to occur.

5. Member Interaction

When interacting with other members, be it through public forums, trades, private messaging or by other means, you agree to treat them with respect and interactions must be willful by both parties. You agree not to insult or mock another member's beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, etc. 

6. Forum Usage

Mysgardia uses mybb forum software for its forums. Users must follow the Terms of Use outlined by mybb, as well as Mysgardia's forum terms, written below:
  • Members must be respectful and courteous towards each other.
  • Members are not allowed to attempt to persuade or "cheat" other players into giving them money, items, or creatures.
  • Members must follow each of the "Rules" threads located in each separate forum in order to post threads.

7. Cheating

You agree not to exploit any bugs, glitches, code hacks, or scripts to either "break" the site or have an unfair advantage over other players. This is a permanent bannable offense. 

8. Art Usage

Using any of the site's art offsite is not allowed, unless you gain prior approval from the artists themselves. 

9. Site Expiration

Mysgardia, for whatever reason and at any time, may choose to shut down for an extended period of time or close indefinitely. This means your account, including pets, items, currency, etc, will no longer be available to you. Donations you've made will not be refunded.

Privacy Policy

Mysgardia collects and stores the following information from its users:
  • Username
  • Password (encrypted)
  • E-mail
  • IP Address
The information above will not be shared with a third party for any reason without your consent, unless required by law.
Google Analytics is a third part software that may use your browsing habits and computer information (screen size, browser) to collect information anonymously.
Mysgardia also uses third party advertising programs on the site which may collect your browsing habits and searches off-site to deliver related advertisements. These companies will not collect the information above (username, password, email, or ip).