The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge...

We love Mysgardia. That's why this decision didn't come easy... yet we feel it's best for the site in the end. Mysgardia went down indefinitely starting June 1st.

Why did we make this decision?
Again: we love Mysgardia. We want the site to be the absolute best it can be, so everyone can enjoy the site to the fullest and how it's intended. But let's be honest: the Mysgardia in our dreams is very different from the Mysgardia we had. And currently, we just don't have what we need to make it the Mysgardia of our dreams.

That's not just a matter of not having the right knowledge; that can be acquired.
As you may or may not know, Mysgardia ran on the mysidia adoptables script. This is a very old script, which Lavie and we ourselves had customised almost beyond recognition. Mysidia gave Mysgardia its start and was invaluable at that time. But there's no denying that having such an old frame was holding us back a lot in what we could do. A lot of things we tried to change ended up just not working when we felt they really should have... and that's incredibly frustrating. It's one of the reasons our motivation to work on the site was at an all-time low, which as you can imagine is not great for the site.

So we needed a break, and to get a proper break, the site needs to go down. And we can't give any indication if or when we'll be back; we simply don't know ourselves.

However... if Mysgardia does come back, it will rise from the ashes like a glorious phoenix. Because what we would really like, is to re-build the site from scratch. Meaning no more mysidia adoptables framework, but our own script. We currently don't have the knowledge of how to make it, but we are excited to learn as we go. We definitely need to take a break from the site first though, so don't expect any news about this too soon.

If Mysgardia does come back, we will make sure there will be a way to keep or re-acquire your current creatures, if you so wish. We know they're precious to you and we respect that. They'll be there for you if we return.

The discord server will remain open at this point. It will be changed into a place where you can talk about pet sites in general, so feel free to join! Here's the Discord Link!

Now, a notice to the artists who have contributed to the site. As stated in the contract we asked you to sign, the art belongs to us. But we feel that it's unfair of us to keep the art forever if we're not using it. Therefore, if we haven't brought Mysgardia back with your art on it within 3 years from June 1st 2021, the art is once again yours to use as you please. That means it's also eligible for use on other adoptables sites, or in whichever way you want. 3 years; that gives us time to build, and we feel it's not unreasonably long to wait.

So... this chapter has come to an end. We thank everyone for supporting us all this time and for enjoying the site so much. We know you love it too. Perhaps we will see you again in the future!