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Main Ability:
Instant Color Change
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Holiday Biome
Meat and plant-life
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This green egg smells like pine needles."


"This hatchling smells strongly of pine, and it tries to decorate its body with Crhistmas decorations you've left out."


"Only appearing for a short while during the winter, Wreths are a peculiar species that makes use of holiday ornaments in order to disguise themselves as Christmas wreaths. When they start to emerge from their hibernation, the townsfolk delight in leaving out decorations for the creatures to take."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Wreths were released on December 1st, 2015, and are among the site's first official creatures that were released. They have two variants: the normal green variant, and the albino variant.


Wreths are serpent-like creatures whose bodies are typically made from pine needles and/or holly leaves. They are very good at camouflaging themselves in trees, and will often be passed right up by unsuspecting mages and creatures. Their bodies vary from shades of brown, to yellow, to green, all dependent on the color of the leaves around them. Wreths also have a range of sizes, and the biggest one ever seen was nearly as tall as a tree! Most don't grow that big because of predation, usually only reaching the size of a man's leg and smaller. These creatures have bright yellow eyes with orange snake-like pupils.

Wild Behavior

In the wild, Wreths hibernate all year long until winter is in full swing, emerging in December to socialize and feed. They eat vast amounts of food during this time, eating both meat and plant-life in order to bulk up quickly for their next hibernation. They are preyed upon heavily while out of their dormancy, and only the lucky ones make it out alive to see next winter. They are a very laid-back species, not ones to get into fights and going about their own business. Some wild Wreths don't even mind humans around them, and will continue to forage while being petted and cooed at by children.

Domestic Behavior

Domesticated Wreths go into a long hibernation just as their wild brethren do, but instead of hiding among trees, they are quite content resting on all sorts of surfaces and crevices in their sanctuary. In winter, hatched baby Wreths become very fond of the Christmas decorations laid out around Mysgardia, and they will innocently steal bows, holly berries, candy canes and ornaments to adorn their bodies with. They will then climb onto their master's doorway and wrap around themselves to resemble a Christmas wreath. In their minds, this must be the perfect way to hide from predators! Some townspeople enjoy the little creatures' antics, and will purposefeully leave out decorations for them to freely take.


Unfortunately for Wreths, they don't know much magic as they don't really have to utilize it, given they sleep for the majority of the year! What little magic they do know is simply to change their body's color instantly, in order to blend into their environment.
Stage Old sprite Current sprite
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Baby -