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Main Ability:
Dark Altered Reality Magic
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
85%  15%  (Black Wendigo)
Cold Biomes, Quest
Large animals and humans
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"You feel an evil presence emanating from this egg."


"This odd hatchling makes you feel very uneasy. It won't stop staring at you..."


"Highly feared by townsfolk, Wendigos are dark creatures that are deadly if encoutnered in the wild. They are extremely territorial towards other creatures, even their own species, and won't hesitate to fight to the death for the things they value."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Wendigos were released on November 29th, 2015, and are among the site's first official creatures that were released. They have a total of three variants: the normal silver and brown variant, the rare albino variant, and a quest-only variant.


Wendigos are large, lanky creatures that resemble some type of starved cervine. Protruding from their long manes is the "head", which resembles a deer skull. Both males and females have a pair of large brown antlers attached to the skull. They don't appear to have eyes, as there is only a space where the eyes should be. They seem to be able to see perfectly though, to the dismay of prey and other unlucky souls.
They are quadrupeds, but can also stand for short periods of time in order to reach something higher up. Their fur is a dingy white or dull grey color, and it wraps around most of their body except for the ribcage and abdomen areas. These exposed areas are typically dark brown, dark grey, or black in coloring. 
Baby Wendigos have all the aspects of the adults, except their antlers are usually small nubs instead of the branching antlers that adults have. As they grow, so do their antlers and skulls. Instead of having hooves like other cervine, these creatures have what appear to be ambidextrous fingers and toes. They have three fingers on each hand, and two large toes on their feet.

Wild Behavior

Wild Wendigos are fearsome creatures, but luckily it's rare to run into one. They inhabit densely wooded areas of forests, and they make dens out of forest materials such as logs, straw, leaves and mud. It is very easy to spot a Wendigo den. It appears to be a large conglomerate of dead trees mixed with mud and straw to give it somewhat of a shape. There are usually also bones and scavenged carcasses of other creatures strewn around the area. Some Wendigos even hang the clothing items of deceased mages around their territory, in order to warn intruders to stay away. They usually only do this when they have young they are caring for, as a means to threaten people from stealing their babies. Wendigos whose babies have been stolen are known to go on rampages, tracking down the thief and slaughtering entire villages on the way until they've collected their precious offspring. Not surprisingly, Wendigos are very territorial towards each other and if two were to ever accidentally cross boundaries and meet, one or both would surely die from the ensuing battle.
As hinted, these creatures are carnivores and need to hunt often, despite how thin they are. They have a large appetite and can take down the strongest of prey to consume. They usually collect the bones of their finished meals to decorate their den area.

Domestic Behavior

Baby Wendigos are peculiar little creatures. Upon hatching, they hardly move, usually sitting in one spot and either staring at their master, or staring in one direction. They don't even turn their heads to watch when someone enters and leaves. Although a valuable companion, their odd behaviour as a youngster is enough to get many of them abandoned in the wilderness and in pounds. Some mages just can't handle how creepy they are, and will become fearful of the baby in their care.
As a baby, scholars seem to agree hat they are actually learning how to behave from watching and listening to what goes on around them. Once they are adults, they will mirror this behavior whether it was good or bad, which is why wild Wendigos are so ferocious, as it was only passed down onto them from their parents and grandparents.
Once they are grown, however, they are extremely powerful creatures and make for excellent fighters. They take commands well, and some can even learn telepathy to communicate with their master. There is a stigma towards them however, and mages are advised not to bring a Wendigo, even a baby, to towns and kingdoms. Unfortunately people have a hard time trusting these creatures because of the gruesome stories about wild and feral Wendigos.


Wendigos are masters of dark magic. They can summon evil spirits to assist them when they need it, and can use a variety of dark, psychological spells that make their targets go insane from the false reality created. They also know a variety of dark attack spells, shrouding spells, and transformation spells. If all else fails, they are still very strong physical attackers, and will use tooth and claw to finish off an opponent.

Black Wendigo

The Black Wendigo was a new creature that was released in March 2016, and was obtainable only by completing a quest. They are considered somewhat of a sub-species of Wendigo. Most are typically born male, with only about 15% of babies being female. They are larger, darker, and even more aggressive than their normal cousins, and are supreme wielders of magic. They are so talented that some of them can even cast Light spells, even though this should be impossible given their alignment is Dark.
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