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Main Ability:
Seed Barrage
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Holiday Biome
Nutrients from the soil they sleep in
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg looks more like a pumpkin..."


"A rather lively pumpkin critter hatched from the egg! It's very active at night."


"Wanderjacks are often mistaken for common pumpkins. They don't mind it much - it's how they blend in during the day, when they're asleep. Wanderjacks live during the night and as the name implies, they wander around. The goal of every Wanderjack is to see as much of the world as possible."


Concept: Rhynn
Sprites: Rhynn
Wanderjacks were the first ever Halloween release on Mysgardia. They were available in a special Holiday Biome and have an albino variant.


Wanderjacks look like overgrown pumpkins with a stalk which is far too big and vaguely humanoid in shape. Their heads resemble carved jack-o-lanterns, and are likely to be where the tradition of carving pumpkins originated. Wanderjacks have two leafy arms and five tentacle legs on which is wanders along in search of new sights to see.

Wild Behavior

Wild Wanderjacks freely wander the world, looking for new sights to see. They blend into vegetable gardens during the day when they sleep, pretending to be normal pumpkins, concealing their facial features with the help of magic. During the night they wander far and wide.
They breed once a year around the end of October and will gather in large, open places to seek a mate. Their heads seem to light up from within during these gatherings.

Domestic Behavior

Domestic Wanderjacks unfurtunately can't wander as freely as they would like. It is important to take pet Wanderjacks for daily walks, preferably to a new place each time. A Wanderjack kept in a small room will perish of sadness.
Wanderjack owners who have run out of new places to take their pet pumpkin for a walk should consider allowing the creature to roam freely for a while. Tame Wanderjacks tend to form a strong bond with their owners and will usually return to them after months or even years of travel. 


Wanderjacks have control over a small amount of magic to conceal their facial features during the day, and to light them up during the breeding gatherings. Their main form of defense is in the form of a seed barrage, which they shoot from out of their carved mouth.
Stage Old sprite Current sprite
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