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Main Ability:
Lightning Charge
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Hot Biomes
Other Hot Biome creatures
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"It feels like this egg is emitting static as you get near it."


"This energetic little puppy seems to enjoy play-fighting with whatever will entertain it."


"Adult Volves are calm, composed creatures, compared to their energetic younger selves. They still retain their love of fighting as adults, as they enjoy testing their strength against other creatures willing to fight them. Strength is a high point of pride for a Volff, and they enjoy maintaining their abilities whenever they can."


Concept: ZioCorvid
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Volves were released on April 1st, 2017, along with the Caprafog. They have an albino variant.


Volves are quadrupedal canine creatures. They have short dull reddish fur, and spiky manes of yellow. Their yellow fur is where they store their electricity. Adults have three sharp, gnarled claws on each foot, which are often used for fighting. Both young pups and adults have grey irises, though adults have black sclera. Their eyes begin changing when the Volff is transitioning into adulthood.
Their bodies seem like they have large mass, but most of it is the thick, yellow mane. The yellow fur is generally soft to the touch if maintained well. Poorly maintained fur can lead to a shorter lifespan, since they rely on their electricity for most of their fighting, hunting and defense.
Adult Volves have two long, tusk-like fangs near the edge of their mouths. These fangs do not seem to be used for anything beyond attracting mates. Larger tusk-fangs are seen as more attractive during mating season.

Wild Behavior

Volff packs generally range to about four to nine members. In packs, they are good at taking care of the members within their packs, and are very protective of each other. They are also semi-nomadic, traveling long distances to better hunting grounds if their current ones are running out of stock.
Lone Volves are not uncommon to see; these generally enjoy fighting things bigger than itself seemingly for the fun of it. After it judges that it is the winner of the match, the Volff leaves the losing creature to lick its wounds and wanders off. Lone Volves can be identified by the numerous battle scars they have across their bodies, almost as trophies from their previous battles.
Because Volves are from the Hot Biomes, if enough of them are using their electricity around a volcano, it can cause volcanic lightning to form.

Dometic Behavior

Volff appetites can be quite voracious. They enjoy eating large amounts of meat, and a young mage raising one may be put out of pocket from all the food a Volff needs to consume.
Volves dislike the cold. They are somewhat less active during the colder months, and prefer sleeping through the days when possible. During warmer days, they are mroe energetic and may need a couple dozen walks to calm down. If the owner has any rubber gloves or suits lying around, it is recommended they bring those along while walking a Volff.
Domestic Volves give small, harmless zaps towards their owners if they strongly dislike something. The zaps are close to static shocks, and are more of a surprise zap than a harmful one.
Powerful electric mages can cooperate with their Volff companion by chanelling the electricity stored in their fur. The Volff can help bolster the mage's magic attacks this way.


Volves store their electrical magic in their fur, and use it to endow their bites and claws with electricity. They can also generate jolts of electricity short distances, about 25 ft radius around itself at max. This is usually a last resort, since it expands nearly all of the stored electricity, leaving them vulnerable if this last ditch attack wasn't effective. The attack is stronger if there is more electricity stored.
To generate electricity in their fur, they must run. It is not uncommon to see a traveling Volff pack running across the terrain, with sparks of electricity crackling through their fur.