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Main Ability:
Darkness Cloak
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Holiday Biome
Nuts, berries and assorted rodents
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"The scent of decomposing fallen leaves wafts off of this large egg."


"This young owlet flits to and fro, seemingly excited about the falling autumn leaves."


"As nights grow longer during the autumn season, Strigowls start to become more commonplace. They seem to manifest almost overnight once summer ends. These spectral birds are fearsome in appearance, and some Mysgardians tell tales of how they may be fallen spirits given another chance at life."


Concept: ZioCorvid, Rhynn
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Strigowls were released at the start of Autumn, 2017. They were available in the Autumn Biome and have an albino variant.


These birds are both owl-like creatures. Both the young and adults feature a "hood and cape" covering part of their bodies, and a spectral, ghostlike tail.

Young strigowls have leaflike feathers coming from their wings, with small claws at the tips. Their soft bellies are marked with approximately four zigzagging stripes.

Adult strigowls gain four fingered claws on their wings, while their previously soft bellies flare out and cover the rest of its bottom half. Its spectral tail now completely overtakes the rest of the lower half of its body. Their tail is capable of changing shape, transforming into an extra a pair of large clawed talons when on the attack.
Strigowl owners report that the spectral tail is rather cool to the touch, though prolonged exposure to it causes an uncomfortable, tingly feeling, along with goosebumps.

Wild Behavior

Strigowls are commonly found in forested areas. They are primarily nocturnal, and become more active as the sun goes down. Both their nocturnal nature and Darkness Cloak ability makes these birds incredibly hard to find at night, if one tries to search for them. Some niight hikers and still awake campers have reported that they have seen large ghostly birdlike figures flitting through the darkness, and descending upon their unwitting prey or their unsuspecting prank victims.

While strigowls do not seem to mind chilly nights, they tend to nearly disappear from the wild as winter draws near.

Domestic Behavior

Those skilled enough to domesticate a strigowl find that these creatures are rather mischievous pranksters. They seem to delight in attempting to scare their owners for whatever reason. 


Due to autumn's waning daylight, the strigowl's Darkness Cloak ability allows it to become nearly invisible in the shadows. It is not impossible to detect, however. Their form tends to visibly flicker as they move.