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Main Ability:
Ice manilupation
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Cold Biomes
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"Something about this freezing egg makes you hesitant to touch it."


"The foal that hatched from this egg stares at you constantly. It's very off-putting."


"Stalyumi are the enigmas of the frozen wastes. Many stories tell of Stalyumi using their ice magic to create blizzards, and to freeze their helpless victims solid."


Concept: dragontamer44722
Sprites: dragontamer44722, Rhynn (small edits)
Stalyumis were released on the 1st of December, 2017. They have one variant, an albino.


A large creature, standing approximately 15ft tall at the shoulder. Their hooves are very sharp and pointed, and have a coating of ice which extends up their leg to their wrist. The chest plating is a combination of ice and solid bone. Their head shapes vary by individual as they use their ice magic to create a protective mask, but they always have at least three "horns", with spikes of ice traveling down the back of their necks. Their tails are very soft to the touch, and will grow continuously over the course of the Stalyumi's life.

Wild Behavior

Wild Stalyumi are very much feared by those who make their homes in the cold areas of Mysgardia. Rarely seen, Stalyumi are viewed as the grim reapers of the tundra. Stories detailing freak blizzards that appear after someone has seen a Stalyumi are relatively common, and other stories tell how someone who sees a Stalyumi end up frozen to death. It is only recently that researchers have begun to look past the myths and study the creature itself. Most often found alone, unless it is a mother with a baby, Stalyumi tend to disregard anything around them, only reacting to something that is in their way so they can walk around it. They have never been witnessed hunting or foraging in any way, so there are questions surrounding their diet in the wild. In the rare instances that two Stalyumi meet, they will often disregard each other, but if two males meet during the summer (which is believed to be their rutting season) they will ram and kick at each other until one flees.

Domestic Behavior

Stalyumi raised by humans retain many of their behaviors found in wild specimens. Young Stalyumi will remain motionless for extended periods of time, but the reason for this isn't currently known. Something many owners have reported is that they will often find the young Stalyumi staring at them as they go about their business. As adults, they become more distant from their owners, often disregarding them entirely. When in captivity, Stalyumi eat a varied diet, which includes any kind of meat, fruit, grasses, and sometimes insects.


Excel in ice magic. They coat their hooves, face and the back of their neck in spikes made of ice. They have such a mastery over it that the icy parts of their body will not melt even in warmer climates.