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Main Ability:
Dream Eater
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Town Ruins
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"his small purple egg seems to cause drowsiness when you look at it."


"A light flame billows on this small chick's head. Sometimes you can see the flame burning faintly in the back of your mind right before you sleep..."


"Somnikrows have an infamous reputation for ruining sleep due to their dream consumption abilities. Despite that though, they seem to be rather popular companions due to their charming and affectionate personalities. Even though these birds are not the most energetic creatures, they still seem to go out of their way to greet their owners with a soft, hollow caw."


Concept: ZioCorvid
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Somnikrows were released on the 1st of July, 2017. They have one variant, an albino.


Somnikrow chicks are round, pudgy chicks. A crest of fluffy down feathers surround its skull-like head, which contains bright, beady eyes that glow faintly in the dark. A weak, green flame burns on their forehead.
Adult Somikrows have a semi-skeletal appearance. Their head, neck and legs feels very similar to smooth bone, while the rest of their body is covered in sleek purple feathers. The green flame burning on their forehead is larger than the one they had as a chick, but it is still not bright enough to strongly notice in the dark.
Somnikrow owners report that the flames burning on their heads do not burn like actual fires, instead they're faintly warm and slightly tingly to the touch.

Wild Behavior

Because Somnikrows feast off of dream energy, they are generally nocturnal creatures. They fly silently through the cover of night, searching for sleeping creatures to consume their dream energy. Because their flames do not burn bright enough to emit much light, it's hard to see them nearby unless they are very close.
During the daytime, somnikrow observers have noticed these birds sitting in tall treetops, seemingly unmoving until something catches their attention. Because of their lack of eyelids, it is hard to tell if somnikrows truly sleep.

Domestic Behavior

While it may be odd for people to keep these birds due to their inadvertent ability to give people nightmares, pro-somnikrow owners generally note these birds have charming personalities despite their spooky appearances and dream eating abilities. They noticed these birds are rather receptive to affectionate actions, such as head pats and affectionate nicknames. The birds themselves even encourage it with a soft, hollow caw. Owners who have given their somnikrow a head pat have noted how skull-like it feels, but do not seem to mind it after a while due to their feathered companion's affection towards them.
A few cynical observers like to note that a somnikrow's "affection" is only because the owner is a source of food for the bird itself, though many owners ignore this claim and instead enjoy the bond they share with their feathered companion.
Some owners have also noticed their somnikrows enjoy keeping a small hoard of shiny things. If light gleans off of an object in a way that catches the bird's interest, that object will most likely be moved into the bird's collection before long.


While it is hard to cite their dream consumption as pure magical ability, there does seem to be some kind of magical quality to it. Travelers visiting the Ruins have noted seeing a Somnikrow following them during dusk, and right before they fall asleep, they see an eerie green flame in their minds before everything goes dark. Upon waking, the travelers note that they possibly might have had a nightmare, but can barely remember it and instead feel like they barely got any sleep.
On the other hand, travelers who have seen the very rare albino somnikrow notice they have similar stalking behaviors, though they leave good dreams and restfulness instead. Instead of seeing the eerie green flame in the back of their minds, the travelers report seeing a soothing red flame instead.