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Main Ability:
Strong Bite
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Ocean Biomes, Fishing
Fish, ocean mammals
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg is so smooth, you're having trouble holding on to it."


"This hatchling quickly but gracefully glides through the water and bites anything it sees. It has even managed to crush some rocks!"


"Shayrak are large aquatic creatures. They're quicker than they seem at first and have an incredibly strong bite, rumoured to be the strongest of all ocean creatures. They certainly aren't the kindest of creatures, preferring to attack at the slightest provocation."


Concept: Rhynn
Sprites: Rhynn
Shayraks were released on New Year's Day 2017. They were the first release under new management. It has an albino variant.


Shayraks have large bodies with a strong tail and large, almost wing-like fins on the side. These fins allow them to glide through the water easily, while their tails can propel them forward with incredible speed and strength. They have large mouths filled with several rows of teeth. They have a large dorsal fin and several smaller fins along their tails. Their belly colour is a light, almost white blue, while their dorsal colour is a dark blue. They have very sleek skin, reflecting whichever light filters down from above the surface of the water. Their eyes are a golden yellow.

Wild Behavior

In the wild, Shayraks are considered among the top predators of the seas. They are seen as rather violent: their policy is attack first, then see if it's edible. They are most certainly carnivorous, not having the body to digest plant matter.
Shayraks are generally solitary, but may in times of scarcity team up with others who happen to be in or near their territory to take down larger prey such as whales. The only time they really actively seek each other out is during the breeding season, which happens about once every two years. To choose a mate, Shayraks of opposing genders fight each other; if both find the other to be sufficiently strong, they mate.
While Shayraks lay eggs, wild mothers can keep the egg inside themselves until it hatches, giving the impression of live birth. Children stay with their mothers for the first year of their life. However, as soon as the mother deems the child to be strong enough to survive on its own, it is violently chased away to fend for itself.
It is rare to find a Shayrak without any scars.

Domestic Behavior

Shayraks are nearly impossible to really domesticate. Their violent nature is deeply anchored in their genes, and is very difficult to remove even with strong magic. It is therefore best to keep Shayraks seperate from both each other and other aquatic creatures, lest they fight and kill each other. The only time one should even consider putting them together, is come breeding time; this should be heavily supervised however, as the mating fight can have dire consequences on weaker Shayraks.


It is unclear if Shayraks actually possess magic, but experts suspect that their strong bite isn't only from muscle strength.
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