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Main Ability:
Charming Song
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
0%  100%
Ocean Biomes
Humans and anything it can lure in
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"Sometimes you swear you can hear a soft humming coming from this egg."


"This adorable little hatchling fills the air with beautiful songs all day long, but sometimes horrible imagery pops into your head. Is it from the singing?"


"It is highly recommended to have a mental shielding spell in place before venturing into Psyren territory. This female-only species has a beautiful voice that entrances and lures in unlucky victims, typically males, who they will quickly devour in seconds."


Concept: Lavie, xxBurningxx, Manewa
Sprites: Lavie, MonstrHugger, Rhynn
Psyren are mermaid-like creatures. They have an albino variant and are female-only.


Psyrens have long sea foam-colored bodies along with purple frills from the torso down. They often bear a somewhat unpleasant expression on their faces. They have two fin-like appendages that assist them in swimming among the rough ocean currents.

Wild Behavior

Psyrens are mostly known for their malicious songs that lead travelers astray. Few have experienced the luring qualities of the song and also survived to recount the tale, but it's certainly a gruesome experience. What begins as a seemingly lovely tune seeps into one's thoughts, urging them to find the source of the melody. However, the closer and closer one draws to the Psyren's song, the more horrific and morbid the images in one's head become, and while a certain sense of panic and fear sets in, it is usually far too late to resist or turn around before it's too late.

Domestic Behavior

There's really no way to safely keep a Psyren in captivity. Given their grim personalities and almost always sour intentions, attempting to raise or tame a Psyren is usually reserved for highly experienced tamers alone, and even the most qualified often end up as the Psyren's dinner. In extremely rare cases a Psyren will bond with a tamer, however if thould be noted that this seems to exclusively happen among inherently bad people with tainted souls.


Psyrens harness an incredibly strong and potent magic which is delivered via their melodious voices. This heightens the level of their dangerous aspects, as their song can reach long distances and even the faintest whisper of their song is effective enough to lure someone in. The song is more than just a pretty melody; hearing it creates the illusion of the voice belonging to a long-lost friend or loved one, urging the listener to come and join them.
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