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Enchanted Plushpups

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Fawna's Pets
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Sprite Descriptions


"This egg feels soft and plush like a pillow."


"This hatchling doesn't move, and simply feels like a child's plush toy when you hold it. You sense a magical energy building up in it each day."


"Enchanted Plushpups aren't living creatures. They've been enchanted with an animation spell to make them seem alive. The higher an individual's magic skill, the more life-like it will appear to be. Plushpups don't need to eat, instead simply needing an occasional stitching from time to time."


Concept: Lavie, Rhynn
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Enchanted Plushpups were first released on February 14th, 2016. There are several variants of this creature. There is the normal beige plushpup, which has a white albino version. Then there are a special holiday-related variants: one for Valentine's Day and one for Halloween, both of which also have an albino. Finally, there are seasonal variants, with so far a Spring, Autumn and Winter variant. These too have albinos.


Plushpups are, simply put, regular plush toys that any child would play with. Their bodies consist of a very soft cloth made from wool, cotton, and other materials. Their stitching is made of sewing string and their small, black eyes are made from obsidian shaped into spheres. Their cloth bodies have been carefully dyed with permanent colours. For some reason, they have lighter patches on their heads, feet and arms. Perhaps someone made a mistake while sewing, or maybe it's just for decoration. Their feet and snouts are a lighter beige colour and some variants have small, lighter markings scattered throughout. Plushpup adults all have a ribbon shaped like a collar around their necks, with a large, plush shape that dangles at the end.

Plushpup "babies" look similar to the adults, except instead of a ribbon collar, their plush shape is simply attached to one of their sides.

Wild Behavior

Plushpups cannot be found in the wild.

Domestic Behavior

Plushpups are said to be made from a great animator, who devotes his time to bringing inanimate objects to life, in a sense. Although objects can never truly be living, they can be casted upon and given a powerful spell that makes them appear as if they are. This is precisely what plushpups are: enchanted plush toys. Plushpups have the capacity to have their own personalities and even magic abilities. Those with a low magic skill seem less "alive" (or even not animated at all), while those with higher skills will apear as if they are actual living creatures, even trying to eat though they have no functional jaws or stomachs. Plushpups are usually purchased during holidays to give to children, family members, friends, partners, and even creature companions.


Plushpups cannot utilize magic whatsoever. They unfortunately have no real defenses besides being cute.

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