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Main Ability:
Group Shield
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Tropical Biomes
Meat, fish
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg has many small stripes on it."


"This hatchling mostly sleeps, but when it is awake, it likes to climb onto high places and hide in small areas."


"Moji are a highly social species that travel in large groups in the tropical areas of Mysgardia. They are excellent parents and will carry their eggs and young with them anywhere they go, so it's quite uncommon to find a lone egg."


Concept: Lavie, xxBurningxx
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Moji are small creatures living in the Tropical Biomes. They have an albino variant.


Mojis are reddish cat-like creatures with lond and nimble limbs accompanied by a long striped tail. The fur closest to their face is a little lighter, yellowish color while their feet bear markings of white socks. Mojis are incredibly fast on their feet and nearly impossible to catch due to their speed and lithe bodies.

Wild Behavior

Mojis are extremely social beings, traveling in large packs, finding a great deal of comfort in numbers. Mostly traversing the dense tropical areas of Mysgardia, Moji packs move along at an alarming pace, despite foliage and trees and any other obstacles of the sort. They very strongly believe in a parenting system and will find a way to bring their eggs along with the pack almost 100% of the time. The task of carrying and raising the baby Moji is usually taken on by the entire pack, and is not exclusively limited to the birth-parents. Because of this, it is fairly rare to discover a lone Moji egg, as these fast creatures would only leave an egg behind in an act of absurdly extreme duress.

Domestic Behavior

Mojis in captivity are fun creatures to have around, albeit somewhat high-energy in nature, almost always in motion and sitting still only to sleep. Being as social as they are, Mojis can become depressed if kept entirely by itself. For this reason, it is incredibly encouraged that anyone wanting to keep a Moji do so in numbers of at least five or more, if anything for the creatures' mental sakes.


Moji don't posses a lot of magic by themselves, as it often manifests as a very light shield of protection around their bodies. However, given that they travel in large groups, a collective amount of magic radiating off all members is usually strong enough to ward off most predators that would try to hunt them. This innate magic mostly stems from their deeply-rooted desire to protect their young.
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