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Main Ability:
Buff Magic
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Egg Nest
Bugs, small critters, eggs
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg has dark brown stripes."


"This hatchling is quite playful, always running around and making noises."


"Minkoons are a tough species that are highly social with their families. They won't hesitate to take on creatures many times their size, but they know when a batle is lost and will tuck tail and run."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Minkoons were released on December 3rd, 2015 and are among the site's first official creatures that were released. They have two variants: the normal brown variant and the rare albino variant.


Minkoons have a medium body build. They stand about 1.5 to 2 feet at the shoulder, with long and lean bodies similar to a weasel. Their fur is a mousey brown and they have five dark stripes on their backs and sides. Most of their fur, besides on their tails, is very short, though it gets much thicker in winter. They sport white fur on their underbellies and on the bottom of their tails, with dark ears, leg "rings," tail-tip, and a distinctive dark tear-trail below their eyes.
Their eyes are a bright, piercing yellow with orange irises. Their iris is similar to a feline's, in that its shape is more of a line in bright light than a circle. They see very clearly, their eyes easily and quickly locking on to the tiniest of movements. Their teeth are very sharp and pointed, and can deliver a nasty bite to the unlucky critter or person receiving it.

Wild Behavior

Minkoons in the wild are bold, intelligent creatures that have quick tempers. They will stand up to and fight creatures many times their own size for food or territory, but they know when to surrender. Most live together in family groups consisting of the mating pair and their offspring. The family will hunt, play, rest and fight opposing families or species together.
When young are born, the whole family helps to keep them fed and healthy, bringing the youngsters food and objects to play with. Some minkoons choose to leave their families to search for mates or just to live alone. Family or no family, they are happy either way.

Domestic Behavior

Minkoons who have been domesticated by mages make for excellent scavengers, hunters and fighters. Minkoons are great at finding valuable items and hunting smaller creatures to take home for dinner. Tamed Minkoons who have significantly bonded with their mages get quite jealous of other Minkoons who aren't related to them. They view their masters as their territory, and will aggressively fight each other for dominance. They don't submit easily, but if one of them eventually wins, the other will make sure to stay far away from their master whenever the dominant Minkoon is around. Although valuable to their masters, they shouldn't be trusted near eggs or young creatures, as they will only view them as food and consume them.


Minkoons posses magic, but they rely more on physical attacks than casting spells. Instead, they use their magic to boost their attacks, defenses, agility and speed. They usually only use their magics in short bursts when most needed, as they deplete their magical energy very quickly.
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