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Main Ability:
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Holiday Biome
Fruits and vegetables
Magic Skill:
Low to average

Sprite Descriptions


"This small egg is cold and sometimes you find it someplace else from where you put it."


"A small furry creature has hatched! It shies away from your hand and can be seen sunning in any light source it can find."


"This Lyschilla has finally gotten all its fluffy fur, especially on its long tail. They are very shy around other creatures and like to be in small groups. They have also been able to escape in a flash of light when frightened or threatened, though this leaves them weak and needing to bathe in light for a while."


Concept: FallenAngel101
Sprites: Fae
Lyschillas were released at the start of Winter, 2017. They were available in the Winter Biome and have an albino variant.


A small furry rodent with large rain dish-like ears and a long fuzzy tail. It's fur is golden colored until its stomach, which fades into a dull sliver color. They also have small orbs of light around them, And a giant silver orb in it's forehead that produces the light when it teleports.

Wild Behavior

Lyschillas are easy to find, it's catching them is the hard part. They love to sunbathe; large groups on their backs soaking the light into their silver bellies have been observed on more than one occasion. But once something makes a sound, they bolt up and grab as many eggs and young as they can and teleport elsewhere. They have been known to eat veggies and fruits alike and enjoy forgotten foods from campers in their area.

Domestic Behavior

Lyschillas that were born into captivity enjoy quiet and well-lit areas, so it's recommended for mages to make a small space for them. Lyschillas, once having gotten used to their owner, will be more likely to cuddle and show affection. It is not recommended to take your Lyschilla outside, as they may get overwhelmed and teleport elsewhere and may get hurt. Also be sure to keep track of one's Lyschilla by adding a tracking item, like a bell or something to make noise to let you know where your Lyschilla is at all times. They also need lots of food, so be sure to give them lots of it cause they constantly need to digest food for their stomachs to work.


Lyschillas teleport in a flash of light. That is their main magic and can't really do much else. One could maybe train a Lyschilla to teleport many times before getting tired.