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Main Ability:
Arcane Sight
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Town Ruins, Tropical Biomes
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"It's a small, black and orange egg."


"Oh, it's a little bunny! What's wrong with its face though? It looks more like a skull and the eyes seem to be glowing..."


"Lagomor are rabbits with a rather macabre appearance, but looks are deceiving. These carnivorous creatures can be quite cuddly if treated well. When threatened they do tend to fight rather than flee, using their arcane magical prowess. Lagomor live for about ten years and can produce quite a large amount of offspring in that time."


Concept: RavenCave, Rhynn (description edits)
Sprites: RavenCave, ZioCorvid (small edits)
Lagomor were released on the 1st of September, 2017. They have two variants, a common orange and a more uncommon black version, plus one albino version.


Lagomor are described as tailless rabbits with a metallic-shiny whitish skull in place of their head as well as rabbit-like forelegs that they can turn into monkey-like arms. Their bright orange bodies are pretty skinny, but their four dark legs are very strong, especially their hind ones. The long hair tufts around their skull, as well as their rabbit ears, are dark as the legs. Also, two eyeholes which emit a bright colorful light are sitting in their skulls.

Wild Behavior

These rabbit-like creatures often show pretty impish behavior. And they are good at being tricksters – It is not rarely seen that a Lagomor reaches success at stealing freshly-caught meat from big carnivores. But although they love meat, they more commonly eat fruits since Lagomor can jump and climb pretty well, thus fruits are easy to gain for them.

Domestic Behavior

Pretty mischievous in the wild, they get more trustful in captivity. They would even share their meals with their owners, although it'd mean that they themselves would have less to eat (if the owner wants to eat a half-eaten meal that is). This counts for most of the domesticated Lagomor, but not all of them. Some of them just retain their impish behavior.


A lot is already known about these creatures; mostly because they don't hesitate to show themselves to people since it gives them the opportunity to snatch some tasty snacks. In history circuses loved taking use of Lagomor since they are considered very smart and it is easy to teach them new tricks.


Although their appearance would lead to dark magic, they actually take more use of arcane spells.