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Hot Biomes, Fawna's
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Sprite Descriptions


"This egg has a ridge of hard scales on it.


"This hatchling chirps and squawks all day for food, its only consolation being the times that it eats."


"Adult Kraugens are reptiles that live in some of the harshest, hottest environments in Mysgardia. They specialize in ground and fire type magic, which they mainly use to challenge each other for dominance or to catch their prey."


Concept: Lavie, Manewa
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Kraugens are medium-sized dinosaurs. They have a Biome version and a Shop version, both with their own Albino variant.


Kraugens are medium-sized, carnivorous reptiles with typicially brown or gold-hued scales. A normal Kraugen typically grows to be about waist-height of an average adult, while Golden Kraugen tend to be a few inches smaller. As is the case with most reptiles, males are a little smaller than females.
Kraugens move on two strong hind legs, which both have three sharp-clawed toes. The middle claw is a great deal larger than the other two, permitting the creature to use it as a weapon when attacking prey. These reptiles also have two hand-like forelegs with three sharp claws, though these limbs are too weak to carry the creature's own weight making them seemingly useless. By using their heavy tails and the hard feather-like appendages located on their elbows and forelegs, Kraugens are able to run extremely fast, making them a truly fierce predator.

Wild Behavior

Kraugens are pack animals and normally show up in packs of five to ten. A lonely Kraugen is an easy prey for any larger beast, but Kraugens' intelligent teamwork offers a challenge for even the strongest hunters. They also hunt together for dominance or the remains of their last prey. When attacking, they use both magic and physical attacks, so caves where Kraugens nest are easy to spot, for the ground around them is often severely messed up. Kraugens are also dangerous to encounter in the wild, for they attack upon even the smallest provocation.

Domestic Behavior

Domesticated Kraugens are still very pack-minded, and require at least one of their own kind to be around. A lonely Kraugen gets easily anxious and becomes even more aggressive. They also need to have an outlet for their magical energy, which tends to build up over time, otherwise they may get sick and even die. Because of this, Kraugens are recommended to be raised on the countryside, where they have enough space to use their magic without destroying buildings or harming humans.
Once tamed, Kraugens are very loyal companions, who are useful in both protecting one's sanctuary and catching or hunting other creatures. They have a keen sense of smell, which is why they have been used to seek missing children or runaway pets. 


Kraugens are users of Fire and Ground magic, and their spells tend to be really impressive. Their most often used spell is Earthquake, which literally causes a small, local earthquake. Since Kraugens live on volcanic islands, the results of this spell may vary from opening a passageway to a cave underneath to releasing an underground lava current onto the surface.
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