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Main Ability:
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Egg Nest
Small prey, fish
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions






"These creatures are often called children of Faceless, since they are created directly by the mythical being. Kitsuras are a special species that care for the eggs at the Egg Nest, but sometimes they will join with a mage and help their new master care for all the young creatures at their sanctuary whenever he or she is away."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie
Kitsuras were released on January 8th, 2016, and are considered a special species in that they are the only creatures who have more than 4 or 5 variants. While only the normal Kitsura is available from the Egg Nest, the Albino is found in a quest, and unique Kitsuras can be acquired through donating to the site.


Kitsuras are creatures that greatly resemble regular red foxes with a few differences. For most Kitsuras, their fur is a vibrant orange red color, with black coloration on their legs, ear tips, and manes. Their underbellies, tail tips and cheeks are a grey-white color. Their eyes are always closed, so it is unknown what their eye colors are. Some speculate they could even be blind, though they seem to get around perfectly fine. Located on their heads, they have at least one horn of varying length, which is where they store their magic. Kitsuras are a smaller species, growing about the size of a large housecat. Despite their size, they are one of the most powerful creatures in the world.
These traits are typical of most Kitsuras, however, there are some Kitsuras whoe appearances very greatly from the rest of their brethren. It is unknown why these Kitsura look so different.

Wild Behavior

Kitsura are a strange species who can only be found at the Egg Nest. They work tirelessly to care for the eggs there, making sure they aren't too hot or cold, are rotated often, are kept safe from bad weather confisions, and are protected from those who only wish to harm them. They work as an organised team, some groups sleeping or eating while others keep watch over the eggs, and vice versa. Kitsuras hardly ever venture into the wild, instead seeming to prefer staying close to the Egg Nest.

Domestic Behavior

Sometimes, a Kitsura will join with a mage if they sense the mage needs help caring for the eggs and young hatchlings in their sanctuary. Usualy the Kitsura will signal to the mage they'd like to go with them, by gently nipping their hands or rubbing against their legs. It is then up to the mage to accept or deny the Kitsura's aid. Once at the sanctuary, the Kitsura will always stay close to wherever any eggs are being kept, making sure they are safe from danger. They will also care for any young creatures that are around, but oddly enough once the young ones grow, the Kitsura will usually from then on ignore them. Sometimes creatures who have grown attached to the Kitsura will be left forlorn, but with the right guidance and attention, they can usually grow out of it.


Kitsuras are nearly as powerful as Faceless, but don't really have their own unique ability aside from caring for eggs.