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Main Ability:
Disabling Spell
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
The Black Market
Raw Meat
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This bottle has a brown smokey substance moving around in it. There's also a small wing attached to the bottle that moves occasionally."


"This bottle has a brown smokey substance moving around in it. There's also a small wing attached to the bottle that moves occasionally. The smoke has started to seep out, and it seems to respond to you!"


"Imps were the result of trying to create a more powerful Cherubim. The experiment failed horribly, and thus the Imp was born. These creatures are highly mischievous and will only obey evil mages and dragon mages. They specialize in magic that weakens their opponents through paralysis, life-sapping, and other such spells."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Imps were the second Black Market creature to be released, and were released alongside Cherubims for the month of April, on April 4th 2016. Imps and Cherubims are counterpart creatures that were inspired by demons and angels.


Imps are smaller creatures that look demonic and draconic in appearance. Their skin is very rough and hard to the touch even though they lack scales, and by appearances alone it looks quite smooth. Their jaws are filled with very sharp, pointy teeth, which they use to tear apart flesh to consume. These little creatures are quick to bite anyone or anything for little to no reason, and if they've injected venom with their bite, it can be excruciatingly painful and even fatal to the victim. Sprouting from their spines are two wings that are about the same size as their bodies. The wings resemble dragon wings, and the membranes are a lighter red in appearance. The wings are usually tattered in appearance, which can be contributed to how much they get into trouble and scuffles with other creatures. Imps also have various features such as horns, armor plates, and clawed wings that are actually made of very durable bone.

Wild Behavior

Imps do not exist in the wild.

Domestic Behavior

Imps are a species obtainable only by doing business with a Black Market vendor. It is rumored that they've been directly created by Naxor himself, though no one knows with certainty if this is true or not. Once purchased, an Imp is received by its buyer in a smokey form contained in a clear bottle. Eventually the life-like smoke will begin to seep from the bottle, readily reacting to anyone or anything around. A single wing grows from the bottle, and it will occasionally flap about wildly. Imps are known to be created directly from someone, possibly Naxor, performing alchemy on a Cherubim. The unfortunate Cherubim in question turned into a hideous, demonic creature, and thus Imps were born.

Once the Imp has manifested itself from its once smokey form, it starts out small like a hatchling and is relatively harmless. It grows to its normal size - about 3 feet from horn to tail - in a matter of days, by which its nature truly starts to show itself.
Imps can be considered evil tricksters by nature. It is recommended not to keep Imps around weaker, smaller creatures unless they are heavily guarded and watched. Even larger creatures can be in danger, as Imps will gang together to quickly kill and devour creatures many times their size. Most Imps are very mischievous creatures, getting into anything they possibly can and trashing your neighbors' homes while you're away. Their trouble making is only heightened when many individuals group up. This species doesn't take well to orders, unless they sense their master is just as evil as they are. Only then, in their eyes, do they feel they will obey their mage.


Imps aren't quite masters in magic, but they are highly skilled nonetheless. Unlike Cherubims in which they were created from, their magic consists of disabling spells. They will typically rely on paralyzing or poisoning their opponent, which will then put their enemy at an extreme disadvantage so they can finish them off. Imps are known to use their magic when they please, even attacking their own allies as a cruel trick.


It is thought the reason that Imps obey dragon mages is because during their creation, the DNA of a dragon may have accidentally or purposefully been added.
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