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Main Ability:
Fire Charge
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
100%  0%
Hot Biomes
Fire, meat
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg resembles a hot flame."


"This fiery hatchling looks at you with contempt, and doesn't respond to your orders well."


"This male-only species is a fearsome creature for a mage to encounter. WIld Igneos aren't very fond of humans, and are quite the prideful beings. Only the most powerful of mages can manage to raise one successfully."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, MonstrHugger, Rhynn
Igneo were released on January 22nd, 2016. They have a total of two variants: the normal fire-colored variant, and the rare albino variant.


Igneo are extremely large felines with flowing, inflamed manes. Their bodies are typically light to darker beige in color, while their manes and tail tufts are vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow. As mentioned, they are extremely large creatures, capable of hauling large loads or carrying a few humans on their backs without a problem. The more fire they consume, the bigger they get, but they do have a limit. If they consume too much fire, they can literally burst into flame and die.
Igneo have sharp, retractable claws on all their toes, which they use not only to take down prey, but also to grip the rough terrain they inhabit. Their teeth are also quite large and sharp, with two saber teeth that are much bigger than their outer teeth. They use these sabers to take down large prey and to fight each other for territory. Igneo are a male-only species, and they typically go to great lengths to impress females of another species in order to pass on their genes.

Wild Behavior

Igneo are a carniverous species that are very rare to run into. Inexperienced mage who do run into a wild Igneo often don't return home...
These creatures are aligned with the Darkness, and it it said that the first Igneo were trained by the Dragon himself, which is why they've become so adept at using and consuming fire. Because of their large bodies, Igneo are only capable of short bursts of speed at a time. However, once they close the distance, they can use their firey, magical attacks to severely wound or kill a creature. They consume large quantities of meat every week, and occasionally will devour pools of lava or flames to maintain their size and magical energy.
Igneo are prideful, somewhat arrogant creatures that despise humans. A wild Igneo would never be able to truly become domesticated or become a partner to a human, and instead would rather enjoy ripping a human to shreds.
Young Igneo abandon their own mothers as soon as they can walk and see, and they typically never do meet their fathers. Just like their fathers though, they are full of pride and are quite stubborn. They are a bit less territorial as teenagers, often forming alliances and hunting parties with other cubs that can be formidable enough to drive even an adult Igneo from his territory.

Domestic Behavior

As a newly hatched cub, Igneo require a lot of human attention in order to keep their wild rendencies dormant. They require a lot of food, and if a mage isn't able to provide this, they might find some of their other creatures missing sometimes. Young Igneo posses a huge amount of magic that takes time for them to master. It isn't uncommon for them to accidentally (or even purposely) set furniture, clothes, and rooms on fire.
Once they've grown and have been raised properly, an adult male Igneo is a powerful creature for a mage to own. Not only can they be used as transportation, but their magical prowess and intimidating stare are enough to make anyone think twice about challenging their owners.


As mentioned, Igneo are powerful magic wielders. They primarily only know fire spells and other dark spells, and are masters at utilizing said skills. Their unique ability is called a "Fire Charge," which looks exactly how it sounds. Their bodies become so inflamed that they appear as nothing but a huge ball of fire, with which they will then charge at and tackle their opponent, causing massive damage.
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