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Main Ability:
Dimensional Travel
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"It's a tiny, bright blue egg. The area around it seems... odd, somehow."


"A small larva hatched from the egg. It almost seems to eat away at the very fabric of reality... but that can't be right, of course!"


"The Glitchbug is a devious little insect that eats away at worlds and even whole universes. Although small, they hold tremendous power and can consume entire worlds in a matter of seconds. Luckily for Mysgardia, its two deities are very watchful and are usually quick to render the little bugs powerless, though sometimes one or two are occasionally able to do massive amounts of damage to the world!"


Concept: Lavie, Manewa
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Glitchbugs were first released as an apology for the server crash, in which a high amount of data was lost. They have since become breedable and were given an egg and baby stage in addition to its initial adult stage. A green albino variant exists.


Glitchbugs are small, beetle-like creatures, which hardly grow larger than a child's palm. They have six tiny legs with small claw-like feet at the end, which help them climb walls and ceilings. They have hard shells covering their back and a small pair of mandibles on the front of their head. These insects are typically bright blue in color, but a rarer green variant has been reported to exist. They have a somewhat triangular body shape and even though they have a pair of small wings under their hard shell like most beetles, they don't seem to be very talented flyers. 

Wild Behavior

Glitchbugs are rarely spotted in the wild anymore, for the species was pretty much hunted into extinction because of its terrifying habits of destroying whole realms for food. Glitchbugs used to travel and nest in large groups in all sorts of biomes, but they seemed to favour warmer places and dislike the cold. Using their unique ability of dimensional travel, Glitchbugs swarmed through dimensions and while feeding upon a certain place, they often erased its whole existence from reality. This habit of theirs finally lead to the great purging operation, which removed every individual of this species from the wild, only leaving a few in the possession of experienced and strong manges who were able to control the creatures. 

Domestic Behavior

Domesticated Glitchbugs don't really differ from their wild relatives, for a beetle is rather hard to actually tame. Their dimensional travel may cause some trouble to an unexperienced mage, but with certain spells it is possible to create a terrarium which can hold the creature. They are not really useful other than for research purposes, but some people like to use jewelry made from pieces of this bug's shell, for it is bright in color and often easier to find than actual jewels.


Very little is known about the Glitchbug's magic and its behaviour, for it is impossible to closely follow a creature which changes dimensions on a whim.
Stage Old sprite Current sprite
Egg None
Baby None
Adult -