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Getting Started

Getting Started
Your Profile
So when you first join the site, you might want to get familiar with your profile so that you know where to access things!
On the navigation bar, hover your mouse over User CP, then go to the Manage Account tab. This is where all your profile's settings can be changed. You can view your creatures, change your password, change the theme, manage your friends, and more!
Managing and Viewing Creatures
After getting familiar with your account, you'll then want to view and manage your creatures. But wait! You don't have any yet. To get your first creature, simply go to the Creatures tab on the navigation pane, hover over it, and click on Egg Nest. Here, you'll see common creatures that are almost always available at the Egg Nest. Usually only four or five species are shown. You can only have 6 eggs and/or hatchlings from the Egg Nest at a time. You must grow them to adults before taking more.
So now you have your first creature! Next, go to the navigation pane and under it you can see your username highlighted in pink, then click it. This is where you can view and manage your profile and all your creatures. Simply click on one to be taken to its management page. You'll see many different links here, all of them offering different things you can do with your creature. You can rename, freeze, pound, release, change trade status, and view your creature's latest visitors using the links presented.
Creatures also have their own public profile pages, where additional stats about them can be viewed. When first clicking on a creature, you'll be shown a page giving thanks for clicking that creature, and a link to view its profile. Clicking this will bring you to its profile.
Let's go over the different sections!
Name and Image - At the top under Viewing, you'll see the creature's name in large font. Under this, you'll see its current image, which is dependent on its level. Level 0 to 1 creatures are always eggs, level 2 creatures are hatchlings, and level 3 to 4 creatures are adults!
Stars - You may notice under a creature, stars of different quantities and colors will display. Here are what they mean:
1 gold star - Common creature, typically obtained from the Egg Nest or Market.
2 gold stars - Uncommon creature, usually obtained from exploring or the Market.
3 gold stars - Rare creature, obtained from exploring and the Market.
4 gold stars - Mythic creature, obtained rarely from events, quests, the Market, raffles, etc!
3 silver stars - Holiday creature, obtained only during holidays like Christmas or Halloween.
1 red star - This star displays next to other types of stars, but only if the creature is a variant of the normal creature. Most albinos have only a 1 in 500 chance of being born, while other variants are typically 1 in 120.
Owner - On the right, you'll see its other textual stats. The first is the owner section, which as named, shows the creature's current owner. The owner can change if the creature gets sold or traded.
Species - This is the species of the creature. Many different creatures can belong to the same species. Most of them look the same, and if you're curious about a certain species, you can read its encyclopedia entry here in the forums.
Gender - This is the creature's gender. A gender is given to the creature whenever it is first taken or discovered. Genders cannot be changed, and stay with the creature for the duration of its life. Creatures can only be male or female. Some species are gender-restrictive, meaning they can only be born with one set gender.
Total Points - Points are simply the amount of clicks a creature has accrued over time. Creatures will a lot of points may show up on the Hall of Fame page. You can get these from other players or people on other sites! To post it on other sites, go to its managing page and click the link with ‘Codes’ as the title. Then copy and paste the code to the site and you’re done! Just make sure it’s okay to post your adoptable there first!
Level - Level is dependent on the amount of points a creature has. Every creature can easily get to level 3 with under 100 points. The max level a creature can have is level 4, and requires double or more the amount of clicks that level 3 has.
Personality - All creatures are born with a personality, and these cannot be changed or influenced. Personalities are as follows: 'Aloof', 'Benevolent', 'Brave', 'Caring', 'Cheerful', 'Cowardly', 'Flirty', 'Mysterious', 'Outgoing', 'Relaxed', 'Shy', 'Sly', 'Somber', 'Violent', 'Wicked'. There is also an additional personality called 'Unique'. Creatures that were born during beta stage were given this personality, and it is no longer given to born creatures except during events, raffles, and quests.
Magic Skill - A creature's magic skill is basically its natural born magical prowess. Magic Skill cannot be changed or influenced. The max a magic skill can be is 100, and these creatures are considered prodigies with magic. At the moment, the magic skill is simply flavor text on a creature's profile. In the future there may be a use for it.
Obtained From - This is the location that the creature was originally obtained. Creatures can be obtained from: Egg Nest, Market, Wilderness, Breeding Center, Quest, and A special place (events & raffles).
Obtained On - This field is the date that a creature was obtained. All of the oldest creatures on the site, during beta stage, had their obtained from fields set to December 20th, 2015.
Trade Status - This field is an easy way for other members to know if an owner wants to trade or sell that creature. It is recommended not to hassle owners for creatures not marked as "For Trade". You can change it by going to the link on top of the picture of the creature and clicking the trade status link on the managing page. Just click yes and you’re creature is all set for trade!
Description - A creature's description is pre-set for its species, meaning all individuals of the same species will have the same description. These descriptions are usually not more than a paragraph in length, and give a little info about the species.
Earning Gold
You may want more uncommon and rare creatures other than the common ones from the Egg Nest, so your first few days on the site should be spent trying to earn lots of gold! This will allow you to purchase items in order to explore different biomes, where biome-specific creatures live. There are a variety of ways to earn gold, highlighted below.
Clicking Creatures - An easy, but slow process of acquiring large amounts of gold is to click your own and other players' creatures. For each unfrozen creature you click, you get 1-2 gold each. You can only click a specific creature one time a day, and can only click 800 different creatures in a day. If you do this daily, you'd earn anywhere from 800 - 1600 gold a day.
Fishing - Buying a fishing pole at Gerolt's Equipment will allow you to fish each day. There a variety of different fish, some giving little amounts of gold (5 gold), and some more rare fish giving up to 5,000 gold if you're lucky! On average, players earn anywhere from 500 to 600 gold a day. Adding this to clicking 800 creatures a day, and you're up to 1,350 - 2,200 gold a day!
Exploring - Exploring usually doesn't yield as much gold as fishing from the items you find, but it does give you an added bonus of finding uncommon and rare creatures. You in turn can sell these creatures for various amounts of gold, giving you an additional income source! Though keep in mind that you do need to purchase exploring items from Gerolt’s Equipment so, it’s better to purchase the fishing pole first, so you can earn more money to purchase exploring items.
Donating - For those who either don't have the time to utilize the above methods, or want large sums of gold quickly, donating real money to the site will reward you with gold packages! Depending on how much you donate, you can get packages of 15,000, 100,000, and 225,000 gold!