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Main Ability:
Charmed scent
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
40%  60%
Egg Nest, Tropical Biomes, Cold Biomes, Hot Biomes, Aquatic Biomes, Ruins, Fawna's Pet Shop, Black Market
Water, sunlight
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"You almost thought this egg was just a large flower bud."


"This little hatchling often mews faintly whenever it wants water, which surprisingly is the only thing it consumes."


"Ferroses are small creatures that typicially inhabit warm, temperate climates where the weather doesn't fluctuate much. Their diet consists merely of water and sunlight, and along with their peaceful natures, they tend to make great pets for children because of this."


Concept: MadiFox, Lavie, Rhynn
Sprites: MadiFox, Lavie, Rhynn
Ferroses are creatures with several distinct types. The first two were released soon after the opening of the site: the Lotus and the Rosebud. The Lotus Ferrose is commonly found in the Egg Nest, while the Rosebud Ferrose can only be found in the Tropical Biomes.
On the 1st of August, 2017, six more variations were released. The Edelweiss Ferrose can be found in the Cold Biomes, the Waterlily Ferrose in the Aquatic Biomes, the Marigold Ferrose in the Hot Biomes, the Magnolia Ferrose in the Ruins, the Tulip Ferrose in Fawna's Pet Shop and the Black Dahlia Ferrose in the Black Market.
All Ferrose versions have their own Albino variation.


Ferroses are small mink-like animals that have a large flower as the mid-part of their body. They do not eat, but rather absorb their energy from the sun and rain. They have little bud-shaped hornes, big eyes and a long tail with a thorn on the end.
Currently two flower-types have been discovered. The most common type is the Lotus Ferrose, with a big blue lotus. The rarer Rosebud Ferrose, which lives in the tropical jungles, has a large red rose at its center. The Rosebud Ferrose is sometimes given as a gift between two lovers.

Wild Behavior

Wild Ferroses love nothing better than to lounge around in sunny spots by a lake or river, sometimes going for a quick swim. They tend to live in groups ranging from only a handful to hundreds at a time; many a traveler has mistaken a group of Ferroses for a beautiful flowery field. 
Ferroses have an almost symbiotic relationship with Blubies, providing them with pollen for their honey and getting protection from predators in return. While they are capable of some self defence, their peaceful nature prevents them from utilising this until the very last moment. When in distress, they release a scent which drives off most predators. Even so, it is not uncommon for a Ferrose to be a tasty snack for a predator.

Domestic Behavior

Domesticated Ferroses make for very easy to care for pets. Any household with a back yard with a small pond in a sunny spot is perfect, providing everything the Ferrose needs for survival. It is not uncommon for a child's first pet to be a Ferrose, most often of the Lotus variety.
While it is entirely possibly to keep them as solitary pets, many people believe that a Ferrose will be happier with at least one other of its kind to keep it company. 


The magic of a Ferrose is weak, and only comes into play when the Ferrose is so threatened that it sees no other option. It will release a magical, charmed scent, intended to ward off predators with its low psychological suggestive properties. Unfortunately the strength of this magic is low, and it can easily be blown away by a decent breeze or even a strong breath.
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