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Main Ability:
Fire Armor
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
80% 20%
Raw Meat, Fish
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg vibrates softly when you touch it."


"This hatchling grows bigger and longer with every passing day. It's fairly feisty, and is constantly harassing other creatures around it."


"This fiery creature is a cross between an Amoura and an Igneo. Many seem to inherit their fathers' fiery personalities, sharing the same stubbornness and disobedience. However, they seem to thoroughly enjoy belly rubs, and will begin to purr blissfully upon receiving one."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Feliseras were the first breed-only obtainable creature, and were released on February 21, 2016. They have a total of two variants: the normal dark grey and red Felisera, and the pure white albino Felisera.


Feliseras appear to take after their mothers in terms of appearance, though they also show obvious features of their fathers. Their bodies are extremely long and slender, but more stocky than their mothers' builds. Also unlike their mothers, they have four legs instead of just two, and their fur is quite short except for their manes, which grow in once they reach adolescence. Their fur usually rangers from a light to dark grey shade, with darker stripes throughout. Their underbellies are a pale yellow, very similar to an Amoura's light yellow belly. Feliseras have a long mane that travels from the heads to almost the tips of their tails, which is blood red in appearance. Feliseras have large talon-like claws on all of their paws, which they can retract at will if they are relaxed and no danger is present.

Wild Behavior

Feliseras aren't found in the wild, unless one was released or escaped from its mage. As such, nothing is known about their wild behavior.

Domestic Behavior

Upon first hatching, a Felisera is very weak during its first few days, similar to an Amoura baby. However, during these early days, their magic stores build up extremely fast, and before their eyes are even open, they can float for extended periods of time in the air, able to cast weak magical spells. As kittens, they get into a lot of trouble, always finding something to play with or a creature to harass. When they are hungry or need something, they aren't afraid to meow loudly until they get what they want. After a few weeks, their red manes start to grow in. It is said once their manes have fully grown in, this means their magic has completely built up.
Most adult Feliseras share the same personalities as their fathers. They are fiercely independent and temperamental, and will lash out at even their masters if they become too annoyed or worked up. Once adults, they tend to bond with the person (or creature) who showed them the most attention as kittens, and will reject the affection of others. They are known widely to not take orders well, and sometimes will outright ignore their mage and simply sleep or lie around lazily. Fortunately in battle, most will usually become serious and take orders easily, since they do care for their masters and don't wish any harm upon them. Feliseras have a unique weakness in that they love belly rubs and head scratches, and will start to purr loudly and blissfully upon receiving one from their owner.


Feliseras are even more skilled than their parents with magic, which definitely shows their magical prowess. Even Feliseras born with naturally low magical ability can still cast powerful spells. They typically use air and fire spells during battles. Like their mothers, they are able to float in the air continuously for days and weeks without much effort.
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