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Main Ability:
Mood Alteration
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Hot Biomes
Shrubs, Grasses, Veggies
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"Touching this warm egg causes you to feel at ease."


"This hatchling sleeps a lot, and when it's awake, it seems too scared to get up or move."


"Though they seem defenseless, Fawnin have a special ability that allows them to alter the mindset of those who wish to harm them. They can cause even a fearsome Igneo to turn into nothing more than a playful kitten for a few hours."


Concept: Lavie, xxBurningxx, Manewa
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Fawnins were released alongside the Igneo. They have gone through two sprite updates since their initial release. There are two variants: the normal purple and beige variant, and a rare Albino variant.


Fawnins are rather small lamb-like creatures, rarely much taller than an adult man's knee-height. Their builds are slim and fragile, but their thick, dark fuchsia-esque and tan coat of fur often deceives one to see them as stocky and clumsy creatures. The fur of a Fawnin is as soft as its hooves are hard, and with its long legs a Fawnin can climb up even the steepest cliffs. Fawnins' large and extremely soft ears are made for hearing even the smallest beasts' noises. Their sharp eyes, with which they can see threats from afar, hold a certain mysterious quality within their depths that tend to hold predator and prey alike within their gaze.
They hold a somewhat feeble appearance about them.

Wild Behavior

Wild Fawnins usually move around in flocks of 10 to 20 creatures, and inhabit the harsh plains of the Ash Isles, wherever they can find grass to eat and fresh water to drink. The flock usually consists of both males and females alike, and while the young follow their mothers closely, every member of the flock protects them equally.
Fawnins may find safety in numbers, but they are not willing to test the strength of their pack if given the choice. While the sight of the flock on the hillside is a common view for a traveller in the hotter parts of Mysgardia, getting close to one is much rarer and requires the skill of moving very quietly. When threatened, the flock quickly flees to the higher grounds and vanishes between the dark rocks or into the long grass. They are usually harmless to any casual passerby; if anything, they would appear weak and almost clumsy, oftentimes stumbling over their hooves as they walk around.
This typicially marks them as easy prey in the eyes of most predators- including the ferocious Igneo, in the past one of their most-feared enemies. However, over time they have developed a strong psychic alignment, which serves as their utmost defense mechanism when fleeing failed. With their piercing gaze they can transfix just about any enemy with a look that hypnotizes them for as long as a few hours, giving the Fawnin plenty of time to escape. Also somewhat mischievous in nature, these fawns sometimes hang around to watch as their would-be predators are reduced to nothing more than harmless babies.

Domestic Behavior

Assuming that the tamer's intentions are good, Fawnins typically make for wonderful critters under domestication, and can even serve as worthy protectors against fearful enemies. A tamed Fawnin is a social creature who easily suffers from being alone. However, unlike some social creatures, Fawnins are not picky with their company, and are therefore easy to keep even in cities. Still, certain caution is recommended for those who wish to keep Fawnins, for even when tamed they may use their psychic abilites on humans, either on purpose or by accident. Especially larger flocks may turn dangerous when startled, or if the conditions are not to their liking. Fawnins kept alone, without a flock to call their own, often become attached to their owners, especially when raised from an egg; their possessiveness can sometimes even go as far as them hypnotising any other creatures that they become jealous of!
Tamed Fawnins are usually kept for their prettily-colored wool, which is known to be softer than any other creatures', and is also easily acquired. When cut, the fur frows to its full length again within a few months and if one is lucky enough to live in warmer environments, the Fawnin won't suffer from the loss of its coat. Fawnin wool is a popular material for clothes and textiles among the wealthier folks, and a pillowcase woven of Fawnin wool is said to give the sleeper sweet dreams and to help those who suffer from insomnia.


Fawnins sport highly-effective psychological magic that they use to manipulate the mindset of their enemies. This magic exclusively comes in the form of an intense stare, which acts as a Fawnin's method of dosage; the one weak point to this is the fact that direct eye-contact must be made, so hypothetically one could overcome this magic if they were simply to never look a Fawnin in the face.
Still, even to this day there are many who like to question whether or not the Fawnin's gaze counts as magic at all. And truly enough, next to the flamboyant fire-shows of Igneos or impressive earthquakes of Kraugens, Fawnins' magic is rather hard to notice. At least for those who haven't gotten a taste of it themselves.
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