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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a limit on how many creatures can be clicked a day?
A: Yes, there is currently a limit of 800 creatures a day that a user can click. This is to keep the economy somewhat balanced. We may increase this number in the future if enough members request it.

Q: How many clicks does it take for a creature to grow or hatch?
A: Each creature is different, and it typically depends on their breed class (Small, Medium, Large). To hatch an egg, it usually takes anywhere from 25 - 40 clicks. To grow into an adult, it can take anywhere from 45 - 70 clicks. "Tiny" creatures take noticeably less, usually only 20 clicks to reach their adult stage. 

Q: My creatures aren't growing fast enough, how can I get more clicks/points? 
A: You are allowed to get clicks by doing the following: asking in the cbox, using click-sites (Yarold's, etc), displaying your eggs on other forums and sites, posting in the Official Click Thread, and using items to give clicks.

Q: So I gave my egg an item that should raise it's level to adulthood, but it's still just a hatchling, why?
A: This is nothing to be worried about, just the way the site code works. Once it gets a click, it should get to the next level. 


Q: What are the odds of getting an albino? 
A: Most creatures have a 1 in 500 chance of being born albino. This is determined as soon as an egg is generated in the database, but you won't know until you hatch it. Some creatures have higher chances of being born albino, like a 1 in 350 chance. You can see each creature's chances of albinism in their Encyclopedia entries.

Q: What are the odds of getting a variant other than albino?
A: Typically, other variants have a 1 in 120 chance. It depends on the creature though, and whether or not the variant is meant to be very rare or just uncommon. Again, you can view a creature's Encyclopedia entry for the specifics!

Q: How is a creature's Personality determined? 
A: Personalities are randomly generated from a list of personalities. At the moment, they cannot be passed on to offspring or changed. 

Q: How is a creature's Magic Skill determined?
A: Like personalities, the magic skill is also randomly picked when a creature is created. The range goes from 0 to 100, so it's based on chance and luck whether or not you'll get a good skill number. Magic Skills cannot be passed on or changed currently.

Q: How often are creatures released?
A: Usually, only one or two species are released each month. If there is a holiday in a month, an additional species or two will be released around the date of the holiday as well.

Q: One of my pets has a red star, what does it mean? 
A: Congrats, this means you have a rare variant of that species! Most creatures have a very rare albino variant, though some have different types of variants that also set them apart from the norm. 

Q: Some of my creatures have silver stars instead of gold ones, what does this mean?
A: This means that pet is a holiday or event only species, and can only be obtained and bred on their corresponding holiday. 

Custom Kitsuras

Q: If one chooses to buy, let's say, five Kitsura tickets, will they then have five Kitsuras when all those tickets are used?
A: Yep, that means you can get five different Kitsuras with whatever features and stats you choose. Keep in mind it will take time to complete them all. You will receive them as they are completed. (: You can also hold onto your tickets. They're yours to do whatever with!