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Main Ability:
Life Creation
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions






"Faceless is a creature so rare that explorers and scholars aren't sure if there is just one Faceless, or many. It is said to know all types of magic there is, and is the taker and giver of life."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie
Faceless was officially added on November 22nd, 2015, but is not currently officially released to everyone. 
Faceless is a species shrouded in mystery, and most highly-ranked mages go their whole lives without ever seeing one. Some aren't even sure if there is only one Faceless, or many.
Faceless is the creator of all the eggs. It can conjur up any species of egg from thin air, breating into it life and purpose. In order to create life, Faceless must take it too. When a creature is dying and cannot be saved, Faceless collects its life energy by sucking it through the hole in its mask. Once enough energy is stored, the deity can produce eggs. Usually Faceless has a surplus of energy, and when the surplus gets too large or it senses the world is out of balance, it will mass produce eggs of all types in an event called the "Egg Fest."


Faceless has a large, fox-like body that is covered in white fur. Its tailtip and paws are black, as well as its ears. This creature doesn't appear to have a face, from which it gets its name. Instead, there is a decorated white mask with a diamond-shaped hole in the lower center. Four antlers - two large ones, and two smaller ones - are attached to the mask, and are a little longer than Faceless's ears. The mask doesn't appear to be tied, as there are two red ribbons attached to the mask that flow freely in the air. Some have said that Faceless manipulates the ribbon to grab things or place eggs on the ground, though this would seem pointless since Faceless ca


Not much is known about Faceless's behavior, as none have come forward with one in their ownership, and no one has been able to extensively study it in its habitat.


Faceless is said to be the creator of all eggs, and collector of life energy. Many think whith this great power, it must know all of the types of magic there are, and is very powerful when utilizing them.