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Exploring Mysgardia

Exploring Mysgardia

You'll eventually need to get more familiar with all that Mysgardia has to offer. The in-depth guide below will explain everything for you!

The shelter is a place for all unwanted creatures. Creatures here can be adopted for various fees, depending on the creature's species. Any individuals who aren't adopted in a certain number of days are released to the wild, or in other terms, deleted permanently from the site. Yikes! You can also adopt a certain amount of pets a day, so be careful of what you pick!

Whispering Well
If you somehow acquired a promo code, you can use it at the Whispering Well to get items, gold, and/or creatures! Promo codes have limited uses, so don't give it out to anyone else unless you're feeling generous. (:

The Market is the place to go to buy certain species and useful items. Different items have different uses. Some can be used on creatures, others used to explore and some can be used on yourself! Be sure to check them out in the Items Masterlist. There is also the Black Market that sells creatures for a high price and is only there for a limited amount of time. 

The World is where you'll use your explore points. Every member gets 50 explore points a day that refresh after the day is up.  Additionally, members also get 50 fishing points, which you can use to fish in order to earn gold each day. These points do not carry over if they weren't used, so be sure to use them everyday!

Members can utilize the trade system to easily transfer creatures, gold, and items to other users. The trade system may take a little getting used to, considering there are three different types, but I will explain them below!

Private Trade - A private trade occurs when one member initiates a trade, offering a creature and requesting a specific creature in the trade. It will be sent to the other user, and they can revise it, accept it, or decline it. 

Partial Trade - Here's where things get tricky. Partial trades occur when one member initiates a trade, offers one of their creatures, but doesn't request a specific creature from their partner. This trade will now be called a 'partial trade' and can be found under the Trade tab where public trades are located. The other member must offer a creature and if the original trade sender likes it, they can accept it!

Public Trade - Public trades occur when a member wants to trade a creature or wants a creature but doesn't specify a trade partner. This type of trade will be sent to the Public Trades page, and anyone can view and reply to it. 

At the Breeding Center, you can breed two creatures of the same class to hopefully get some offspring. The creatures can only be ones you own, though in the future we may expand this to allow users to breed their creatures with other players' creatures. 

Creatures don't like to be forced to breed, so oftentimes eggs will not be produced. There is about a 35% chance to get a successful breed, and up to 2 eggs can be born. Creatures can only breed 25 times before they can't breed anymore, and they have a 5 day cool down on breeding unless a Love Potion is used. Love potions can be found in Akiko’s shop. 

The daycare is where all eggs and hatchlings are automatically added in order to get clicks. The creatures here are displayed 50 at a time, and can quickly be clicked in order to earn gold. You'll be doing their owners quite the favor, and get a nice little reward in return!

This is where the creatures will the most points on the site are displayed, along with 5 random creatures that you can view. On this page, you can also see other site stats such as total member count, total creature count, etc!