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Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Hot Biomes
Small creatures
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This small egg rocks back and forth, creating small sparks as it clatters on the ground."


"This energetic little cub races around, leaving small clusters of tiny explosions as it steps. They're not incredibly damaging to the ground, but are still loud to hear."


"While Explocyons are small, they are incredibly explosive creatures--in more ways than one. These mammals are easily irritated, and will usually try to snuff out the cause of their nuisance with a quick, explosive-laden paw swipe. How irritated they are affects how strong that paw swipe is."


Concept: ZioCorvid
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Explocyons are the October 2017 release. They are available in the Hot Biomes and have an albino variant.


Young explocyons are covered in an ashen golden color. have a black mask and feet. Their arms and chest are covered in a soft, gray fur, while a singular, spiky red stripe runs down their back. Their tail leads into a single black ring, which then leads into a orange ring at the end of their tail.

Adult explocyons retain their ashen golden fur into adulthood. Their back legs and forelegs are now covered in black, with the palm of their forelegs bearing the same orange mark that the end of their tail has. They have a red underbelly, leading up to a small gray mane underneath their head.

The adult explocyon is capable of becoming bipedal, but most of the time it moves in a quadrupedal form. Its bipedal stance is instead more used when having long bouts with other explocyon or other creatures, giving space for its forelegs to also fight with explosions as well.

The end of their tail is usually seen smoking, both young explocyon and adult, indicating they created an explosion not too long ago.

Wild Behavior

Despite their general aggressive behavior, explocyon are not territorial, though female explocyon are territorial around their dens. They tolerate other creatures' presences fairly well, usually leaving them alone unless directly engaged for whatever reason.

Domestic Behavior

Explocyon are rather tough to raise in captivity, due to their irritable nature and dangerous abilities. Despite that, if they manage to bond well enough with their owner, they make excellent guard animals. Any intruder invading the owner's domain runs risk of possibly losing a limb or several if they encounter an explocyon on guard.


While some may not believe the explocyon's explosions are of a magical nature, and are instead more of a biological one, some researchers have discovered that they instead display a high affinity for fire magic. While they are skilled at manipulating fire magic, explocyons seem only interested in strengthening their explosive firepower as-is already. The more fire magic they accumulate in their bodies, the more powerful their control over their explosions become. Due to this, they are better suited to hotter environments than the cold, where it is harder for them to absorb fire magic.

The brunt of their explosive powers seem contained either in the end of the tail (for both the young and the adult), or also the palms of the forelegs (adult explocyon only). From there, these irritable mammals channel their fire magic into dangerous explosions.

Their explosion powers are primarily used as ambush attacks while hunting. The explocyon finds a hiding spot and waits for a prime opportunity to strike with an explosive blow, completely knocking its prey out and rendering it helpless for the explocyon to consume. If the explocyon misses its strike however, it will have to try again later as the prey will then be alerted of its presence, and will most likely flee.