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50% 50%
Cold Biomes
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Sprite Descriptions


"This pale yellow egg fills you with a sense of protection and healing."


"This hatchling looks like a small larvae, but it doesn't seem to eat as much as you would think it should."


"These creatures are often referred to as guardian angels, as they specialize in protection and healing spells, not to mention the look the part of a little angel. They are typically a calm, sociable species that enjoys helping the wounded and frightened with their unique spells."


Concept: Lavie, Rhynn
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Cherubim  were released alongside Imps for the month of April, on April 4th 2016. Imps and Cherubims are counterpart creatures that were inspired by demons and angels.


Cherubim are smaller creatures that look angelic and insectoid in appearance. Their skin is very smooth and soft to the touch even though they lack fur. Sprouting from their backs are two wings that are about the same size as their bodies. The wings vaguely resemble butterfly wings of a pure white colour, with a small swirly shape near the back. The wings are always in perfect condition, as the Cherubim's healing ability will instantly repair any damage. Cherubim have two arms but no legs, instead having smaller wing-like shapes there which are used for steering.

Wild Behaviour

Wild Cherubim act very much like butterflies, going from flower to flower to eat nectar and pollinating while they do so. They are often called the nurses of the animal kingdom, as they actively seek out any hurt and wounded creatures in order to heal them. Cherubim live in groups of about ten to twenty individuals. The larger the wound in need of healing, the more Cherubim work together to heal it. 

Domestic Behavior

Domesticated Cherubim are kept mostly for their healing powers. Any mage would do well to keep at least one, although they are much happier in a group. The Cherubim take the initiative to heal any wounded creature the mage has or brings home, without the mage needing to tell them anything. It is simply in their nature.
A domesticated Cherubim's diet consists only partially of flower nectar, as most mages generally don't have the large amount of flowers needed to sustain them. Instead, Blubie Honey makes a very good alternative.


While Cherubim aren't exactly masters of magic, they have very good control over their healing powers. The power isn't very strong though, often needing more than one Cherubim working together even for wounds some would consider minor. They have trouble repairing broken bones, too.
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