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Main Ability:
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Tropical Biomes
Autumn Island
Plants, mushrooms, small animals
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"A yellow egg covered with moss. There is a tiny mushroom growing out of it. It doesn't look very special, but you have a feeling that this egg is not a very common find."


"This creature looks a lot like a gunea pig which just has some moss growing out of its back. Although it looked pretty small at first, it is now growing at a large scale. Wasn't it just the size of a cat yesterday?"


"You could swear this gigantic rodent was at dog size yesterday, but now it's grown huge! You have to admit that it now looks a lot more like a bear than it did before. The mushrooms on its back also have reached a pretty large maximum. Although you're pretty sure that this is by far not the biggest Cavuntis out there, it is still a very mighty creature for that it looks like a rodent."


Concept: RavenCave, Rhynn (Autumn Cavuntis)
Sprites: RavenCave, Rhynn, ZioCorvid
Cavuntis are large, tropical rodents. They have several versions: the normal variant and their rare albino variant, and since Autumn 2017 an Autumn variant, which also has an albino.

Physical Description

Cavuntis can reach gigantic sizes. They are described as having guinea pig-like as well as bear-like traits. While their head and body is more shaped like those of caviidae, both paws and ears resemble those of ursidae. A lot of moss is growing out of their yellow-ish bodies, as well as some mushrooms, mostly on their back. It is said that there exist thousands of different types of Cavuntis, each with only one specific type of mushroom growing out of their backs. They also have big saber fangs coming out of their mouths, though no human knows what they are for since nobody has ever seen a Cavuntis fight with their teeth.

Wild Behavior

Not much is known about these fantastic creatures. Although they are very large, they rarely get seen because they tend to hide themselves by burying themselves, with only the mossy back and big mushrooms peeking out. You would think that someone would instantly notice huge mushrooms inside a forest full of trees, but Cavuntis normally live in forests of monstrous size, so it is not as easy to spot them as some may think. 
Some people describe them as herbivores, though some also claim to have seen them hunting down smaller animals, so it is assumed they are omnivores. A rumor says that some of them even prey on younger Cavuntis - seeing as the mushrooms on their backs are highly nutritious, that is very likely possible.

Domestic Behavior

There aren't many Cavuntis in captivity. However, if they were cared for from a young age or bred in captivity, these giant critters can get a really close bond with their owner and tend to be very protective of them. They would never harm them and would fight against any evil that comes too close to them. These Cavuntis sometimes even let their owners ride on their heads or backs. However, you still shouldn't trust them when they are around your garden plants, no matter how innocent they may look...


The Cavuntis is a species which has been known for ages, but many thought it was only a myth. The idea of the existence of a giant animal that is half bear, half guinea pig seemed to be very unrealistic and, seeing as Cavuntis are also great at hiding themselves, it was and still is very unlikely to even see one. At some point they even got forgotten somehow; there seemed to be absolutely no evidence of the Cavuntis' existence.

Until a young girl got lost in a forest and stumbled across suspicious-looking gigantic mushrooms. When the Cavuntis she unknowlingly discovered suddenly left its hiding place, she screamed loudly and ran away as fast as she could. Her father, who was a pretty famous explorer back then, heard that scream and immediately got on his horse to save his daughter. He never expected what he was about to see; a monstrous animal stood right before him, several times bigger than his horse.His daughter, laying just about five meters away from the mythical animal, was crying - she must have tripped over a branch when she tried to run away. The explorer didn't really notice her, but rahter the thing which stared at him and his horse from a scary height.
Several seconds passed by, when suddenly his horse reared and bucked him off, trying to run back home. But the horse seemed not to be the only one who was afraid: the big creature, which could have easily taken out the entire group, not only frightened the horse, but got frightened itself by the horse's reaction, sending out a (for his size) rather gentle "squeak" and running off into the distance.
Shocked from that encounter, the explorer immediately documented what he had seen, what it was and where it went, before he and his daughter got home safely. "It looked like a giant caviidae with gigantic paws and monstrous saber fangs. It had several fungi growing out of his mossy back. I will give the mystery creature the name Cavia Fungus Gigantis - Cavuntis, the giant guinea pig with mushrooms on its back."


Cavuntis control the earth beneath them and can form rocks out of soil. It is said, but not proven, that they can even create and destroy whole mountains. It is true, however, that they can grow moss everywhere around them, if they wish to do so. They commonly use this magic to make themselves kind of melt with the environment.
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