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Main Ability:
Thick Fog
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Cold Biomes
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This warn egg seems to be covered in a thin layer of moisture.


"This curious Caprafog kid wanders around and climbs on nearly everything it can. Sometimes it needs to be rescued after climbing too high."


"Caprafogs are natural climbers, often seen standing in high places. Their mastery over fog has been the subject of many Mysgardian paintings and poems in recent years."


Concept: ZioCorvid
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Caprafogs were released on the first of April, 2017, along with the Volff. They have two variants: the standard variant, and the rarer albino variant.


Caprafogs are quadrupedal goatlike creatures, with bits of fog emanating off of their bodies. Adults have a brown, thick fuzzy mane that covers their neck to their chest, shiny bronze horns and hooves, and short, green fur on the rest of their body. Young Caprafogs have deep blue eyes, while adult Caprafogs have their brown mane covering their eyes. They still seem to sense their surroundings just fine, despite that.
Caprafogs are generally quiet, though when they do bleat, it sounds like a "shaaaoo" sound.

Wild Behaviour

Wild Caprafogs are generally hard to track and study in the wild due to their hard to reach habitat and unique magic ability. Those who set out attempting to study Caprafogs in the wild note that once they spot one, a heavy fog draws in afterwards, making it hard to track them down.
In the past poachers have hunted Caprafogs for their shiny bronze horns, selling them in ilegal trades for high amounts of gold. Due to this, Caprafogs have become incredibly cautious around others, and hide away if they sense foreign presences.

Domestic Behaviour

Domestic Caprafogs are known to be calm, quiet creatures, if not somewhat hard to socialize with. They tend to not seek out attention, but also do not shy away from it.
Caprafogs are also known the be curious creatures, as they tend to enjoy climbing on various things, merely to see if they can or not. This leads to domestic Caprafogs often breaking something of their owners' after they find that they can't climb on it for very long. Once sated with climbing something very high such as a building roof, they will rest at the top and enjoy the view.
Due to their thick mane, some farmers have taken to creating Caprafog wool. Sweaters, scarves, and other garments made from Caprafog wool tend to have impressive water resistance and can keep the wearer dry from rain and snow.
When annoyed, Caprafogs can have a but of a temper, and will stamp their hooves repeatedly while bleating in disapproval. More actively violent ones may also attempt to headbutt if upset enough.


Caprafogs are capable of manipulating water particles in the air around them, creating thick fogs and mist to surround the area. They usually create thick fog layers as an escape method, though they also use the fog as a sneak attack, repeatedly leaping towards their enemy with vicious headbutts.
Very rarely, if pushed, they can even become fog themselves and use this trick as a desperate escape measure. They break down their bodies into water particles, and reform elsewhere. This seems to put a lot of strain on them, and domestic caprafogs recorded to do this have had a significantly lower lifespan than the ones who have not.
Caprafogs also have a weak ability of being able to sense things around them with water particles, being able to roughly gauge where things in their fog cloud are.