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Main Ability:
Magic Infusion
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Egg Nest
Nectar, Sugar Water, Honey
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This blue egg has dark stripes on it."


"Huh, this hatchling doesn't move much. It kinda just lays in place..."


"These large insects are popular for the tasty, magical honey they produce for the inhabitants of Mysgardia. Most Blubies are owned by bee-keepers and insect collectors."


Concept: Lavie, xxBurningxx
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Blubies are one of the basic Egg Nest creatures. They have a total of two variants: the standard blue variant, and a rarer albino variant.


Blubies are a cobalt-hued species of bee that sport four wings which grant them the ability of flight, two arms which assist them in crafting honey, and a pair of antennae that act as feelers to give them a better sense of their surroundings. Also bearing bright orange eyes, their vision is incredibly keen, a necessary trait to spot brightly-colored flowers out in the fields.

Wild Behaviour

These bees are relatively docile in the wild, given that they are unprovoked and left to their own activities. Blubies live in hives numbering in the thousands, ruled by a single differently colours Blubie, where their function in the world is to create their well-known Blubie honey. A Blubie hive only becomes hostile if directly attacked or interacted with. While being produced year-round, the making of Blubie honey is somewhat cyclical nonetheless, the warmer seasons bringing the worked mindset of the hive into full swing. They are particularly on edge around this time, and it's usually wise to avoid them until the cooler times of the year.

Domestic Behaviour

Individually, a Blubie can make for a relatively easy-to-keep companion, under the proper training. However, their thought processes tend to take on that of a "hive mind," and thus sometimes don't function very well by themselves, especially if removed from a hive beforehand. Egg-raised Blubies are much easier to work with, and it's often advised the tamers stray away from attempting to tame already-hatched Blubies.


Blubies are relatively light users of magic, only resorting to its usage whilst under attack. Their sting is often incorrectly assumed to be a potent form of venom, however this is not accurate, as they actually inject a highly concentrated amount of magic into the source of danger. They harbor this magic within their abdomen, and while it's rare to be stung by a Blubie (as this magic is only released during moments of duress), the pain is incredibly intense and can lead to nausea, headaches and occasionally fainting.
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