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Main Ability:
Purging Flames
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Town Ruins
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"The small gem in the middle of this egg feels warm and oddly calming."


"This baby chicklet hardly peeps and instead seems to just watch you as you go about your day. Merely petting the chicklet seems to warm your entire body. "


"Anquila are very aloof creatures, merely content observing how someone goes about their day. Despite their detached personalities, they are very quick to aid their owner if they sense danger, utilizing impressive fire magic to scare away any potential threats."


Concept: ZioCorvid
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Anquila were released on the 1st of January, 2018. They have one variant, an albino.


Anquila are large hawklike creatures, known by their piercing gaze, striking red feathers and somewhat ominous black wings. Despite their intimidating coloration, these regal birds are powerful symbols of holy judgement in Mysgardian culture. They tend to be regarded as militant warriors of the Light, by some, due to some observations how they hunt down the Darkness and burn them away into nothingness.

Those on the side of Darkness critique these creatures as being too extreme, believing they just mindless destroyers on the side of Light.

Wild Behavior

Anquila are solitary predators that are rarely seen, possibly due to them patrolling the areas and attempting to hunt down any force of Darkness that crosses their path. They seem to avoid humans if they take notice of them in the wild, flying away if it senses the human trying to follow it.

Domestic Behavior

While the birds retain their stoic attitudes even in captivity, they seem more tolerant of other beings and are willing to stick around. Domestic Anquila seem to enjoy observing everything, from the leaves falling from a nearby tree to their owner's daily schedule. If they sense something is out of the ordinary, they tend to grow restless, until that feeling passes.

Even though they seemingly lack of emotion, they do seem to squawk happily if given a treat they favor from a Mysgardian they strongly trust. In these cases, they also make impressive guard animals, swooping down on intruders and scaring off them with surprising crackles of their fire magic.

Domestic Anquila tend to be very warm when petted, with most owners commenting how calming and comforting they feel to the touch. Some researchers hypothesize this may be a show of affection to their owners.


While rarely documented, Anquilas have been recorded wielding a brightly burning, silvery fire they use to hunt forces of the Darkness. According to researchers who have witnessed it, Anquila only unleash their Purging Flames on creatures of the darkness, burning them out of existence.
More commonly, anquila utilize a red colored flame instead. These red flames are completely controlled by the Anquila, where they do not spread to other things if the Anquila does not wish it to. This flame is more commonly used, and people who have reported to have accidentally touched the flames have mentioned that it does not burn them at all. Owners of Anquila report that these flames can feel comforting, even.