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Main Ability:
Infinite Flying
Breed Class:
Gender Ratio:
50% 50%
Tropical Biomes
Fruit, Plants, Fish, occasionally raw meat
Magic Skill:

Sprite Descriptions


"This egg has swirling grey and yellow markings."


"This poor hatchling lays in one spot every day, too weak to move even an inch."


"As rare as they are beautiful, Amouras are a species sought after for their unique flying ability. Their magic stores seem to hardly ever deplete, so they typically stay airborne their whole lives. They can easily carry light loads on their backs for a short while."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Amouras were released on December 5th, 2015. They have a total of three variants: the normal grey and yellow variant, the icy blue Glacial variant, and the rarer albino variant.


Amouras are large creatures, big enough to allow a small human to ride on them for a short distance. They have very long bodies, the only appendages being their two arms, which they mainly use to wield magic with. Their heads resemble a weasel-like shape, while their bodies are somewhat reminiscent of a feathered serpent's. Their fur is typically light grey, which gets darker as it goes down the tail. The tip of the tail, nose, ear fluffs, eyes and underbelly are all a pale yellow colour, with males typically having brighter yellows. It is thought the more vivid the underbelly and tail tip, the better chances the male has to be selected by the best females.

Young Amouras are a bit darker in appearance than their parents and it has been determined that this is to help the offspring blend into foliage, so as to not be as easily detected by predators.

Wild Behaviour

Amouras in the wild are docile creatures who aren't afraid of much, since they're one of the bigger creatures in Mysgardia, and also because they are supreme magic wielders. They are one of the only wild creatures that will wilfully seek out and socialize with humans, unlike most other creatures which will run away or attack. It is also theorized that perhaps the reason Amouras are friendly towards humans is because they are quite lonely. Amouras are considerably rare, and will partner with their mates for life, but it's very hard for them to find others of their kind. The reason these gentle creatures are so rare is because as young, they possess little to no magic, and are extremely weak for the first few months of life. They heavily rely on their parents for food, protection, and shelter, and one little mistake could cause a baby to die from starvation, predation, or weather-related causes. Luckily once they've reached the adolescent stage, they grow and learn magic very fast.

Domestic Behavior

Much like in the wild, egg-born Amouras will spend their first few months of life mostly laying in the same spot. They are very weak as young creatures, and need constant attention and care in order to grow into a healthy adult. Once they are grown, however, they make for the best companions. Their magic ability allows them to easily protect themselves and their masters, and they can carry their masters for a short duration in order to reach areas quicker. They get along well with other species, though creatures aligned with Darkness have rivalries with them, since they are Light creatures.


As mentioned, Amouras are one of the best magic wielders. They are aligned with Light, and most Amouras, if trained correctly, can easily master every light spell there is, along with most neutral spells. These creatures also are almost constantly in the air, due to their main ability: flying magic. Their magic hardly depletes, so they can float in the air even while sleeping.
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