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The Black Market
Life Energy
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Sprite Descriptions


"You hear faint, eery cries coming from this dark bottle. The bells occasionally chime late at night."


"You hear faint, eery cries coming from this dark bottle. The bells occasionally chime late at night. A dark smoke that seems to have a life of its own now wisps from it."


"Akumas are odd creatures that lack a physical body, instead seeming to have more of an ethereal form. Once they have left the urns they've been contained to, they immediately seek out a cloak that they attach their forms to. New Akuma owners are cautioned to lock these pets up at night, since they tend to go on mindless killing sprees during the darker hours."


Concept: Lavie
Sprites: Lavie, Rhynn
Akumas were a special Black Market pet released mid-March. They were released on March 15th, 2016, a few days after Ferroses and Hummingbees were released.

Akumas were the first ever Black Market pets on the site. Their name was directly taken from the word meaning "demon" or "devil" in Japanese language.


Once its body has attached to the fabric, two red ribbons with gold bells tied to the ends manifest themselves onto the Akuma. The ribbons and bells are incorporeal in form and though they look very real, touching them will simply cause the person's hand to pass right through. Scholars speculate that these are actually part of the Akuma itself. Located on the Akuma's "head" are also two distinct glowing stripes. Their brightness is dependent on the Akuma's health; dim markings mean the Akuma is low on life energy, while bright ones signify the Akuma is very healthy and fed. Akumas don't need to eat often, but when they do, they consume the life energies of those around them. This doesn't necessarily mean the creature being targeted will die, but it will grow weak for a while.

Wild Behavior

Akuma do not exist in the wild.

Domestic Behavior

Akumas are a species obtainable only by doing business with a Black Market vendor. It is rumored that they've been directly created by Naxor himself, though no one knows with certainty if this is true or not. Once purchased, an Akuma is received by its buyer in a smokey form contained in a bottle. Eventually the life-like smoke will begin to seep from the bottle, readily reacting to anyone or anything around. At night, the smoke typically remains dormant, though sometimes faint screams and child-like evil laughing can be heard coming from the bottle.

Once the Akuma is ready to leave the bottle, it quickly seeks out some sort of fabric - usually a cloak - to attach its ethereal form to, giving it somewhat of a shape and body so to speak. No one is really sure why Akumas seek out such items to bond to. Perhaps they're just shy?
Most notable about Akumas is that they exhibit contrasting behaviors during the day and at night. While the sun is up, they typically wander around without much purpose. Sometimes low cries and sobbing can be heard coming from one, but once someone sets their eyes on the Akuma, the cries abruptly stop as if they weren't there to begin with. If two Akumas meet, they will seem to communicate with each other by chiming and ringing their bells. At night, Akumas usually hibernate in a sleep-like state, but they are prone to waking and roaming aimlessly while crying loudly. It is extremely dangerous to be around one that is sleepwalking. If it sees anything living, it will immediately try to kill the unfortunate victim. Owners are recommended to keep their Akumas locked in a magical cage or under a deep sleep spell.


Akumas are extremely proficient in magic, and like most creatures from The Black Market, they typically use psychological spells that mentally and emotionally disable their opponents. They specialize in using spells that traumatize their victims, showing them horrible images and alternate realities that last forever in their heads, though really only lasting a few seconds. Their magic is so powerful that some poor creatures have been left permanently mentally scarred after encountering an Akuma.
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