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Aura (#340)

This creature is frozen, your click has not been counted.



Aura's Bio: This wreth can often be found curled up in a warm little ball. She is very good with bringing up the little ones who use her as a soft, cozy nest.

  • Owner: MadiFox
  • Personality: Unique
  • Species: Wreth
  • Magic Skill: 100/100
  • Gender: Female
  • Obtained From: A special place.
  • Total Points: 500
  • Obtained On: 12/20/2015
  • Level: 3
  • Trade Status: Not For Trade
Description: Only appearing for a short while during the winter, Wreths are a peculiar species that makes use of holiday ornaments in order to disguise themselves as Christmas wreaths. When they start to emerge from their hibernation, the townsfolk delight in leaving out decorations for the creatures to take.

Parents: Unknown and Unknown
Offspring: None