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Ralend (#2242)

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Ralend's Bio: Ralend isn't the bravest in the bunch, but he tries hard every day to bring up his magic skill. Mure helps to train him when he is struggling with magic. Often his magic happens by accident. He'll cough out a small flame or trip over a vine and crack the ground.

  • Owner: Tesla
  • Personality: Cowardly
  • Species: Kraugen
  • Magic Skill: 31/100
  • Gender: Male
  • Obtained From: Wilderness
  • Total Points: 43
  • Obtained On: 01/28/2016
  • Level: 2
  • Trade Status: Not For Trade
Description: This hatchling chirps and squawks all day for food, its only consolation being the times that it eats.

Parents: Unknown and Unknown
Offspring: None