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Welcome to Mysgardia

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Mysgardia is a free browser-based adoptable game, centered around hatching and growing mysterious eggs.
  • Take eggs from the Egg Nest and Shelter to grow into powerful creatures

  • Explore the World and visit the Market to find even rarer creatures

  • Hunt for special albino creatures of every species!

  • Use items to enhance and transform your pets

  • Breed, trade, and sell your creatures to other members!

  • Visit the Forum and Chatbox to socialize and make friends

  • Participate in site-wide events, quests, and raffles!

* Mysgardia is a newly released site, meaning bugs may still be lingering around, and many planned features have not been released yet. We are planning to release Creature Sorting, Alchemy, a Lineage System, and Player Achievements throughout the year. You can help us reach these goals by donating.

Latest News

December 1st, 2017 - December Release

It's already the 1st of December, which means it's time for the last normal release of the year! Rest assured the start of winter will also see a new creature released as well as the return of the Wreth, and naturally we'll pay some attention to christmas - so make sure to return throughout the month!

Something about this freezing egg makes you hesitant to touch it.

This new critter can be found in the Cold Biomes, where it's rather uncommon.

This creature was made by dragontamer44722, who can now celebrate their first on-site release. Congrats!