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Welcome to Mysgardia

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Mysgardia is a free browser-based adoptable game, centered around hatching and growing mysterious eggs.
  • Take eggs from the Egg Nest and Shelter to grow into powerful creatures

  • Explore the World and visit the Market to find even rarer creatures

  • Hunt for special albino creatures of every species!

  • Use items to enhance and transform your pets

  • Breed, trade, and sell your creatures to other members!

  • Visit the Forum and Chatbox to socialize and make friends

  • Participate in site-wide events, quests, and raffles!

* Mysgardia is a newly released site, meaning bugs may still be lingering around, and many planned features have not been released yet. We are planning to release Creature Sorting, Alchemy, a Lineage System, and Player Achievements throughout the year. You can help us reach these goals by donating.

Latest News

January 1st, 2018 - Happy New Year!

The Mysgardia team wishes you a happy new year and the best wishes for 2018!

A new year also means a new month, which of course means a new creature!

The small gem in the middle of this egg feels warm and oddly calming.

You can find this new creature in the Ruins, but be warned: it's rare!

(The new creature was made by ZioCorvid)